EzHitzs 2.0 Is Here!

Faster & Easier, More Viral, More Profitable

Stop working so hard for visitors who barely see your offer before they're gone...

EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine churns out unstoppable high-quality traffic, virtually hands-free.

Now You Can Create The Exact Same System For Yourself!

Take control of your traffic and you can
finally take control of your business...

  • Get off the single-use traffic treadmill for good.
  • Stop throwing money away on ads that just don't work.
  • Start building your own traffic systems instead.
  • Systems that keep working long after you stop.
  • Quality traffic you can easily speed up or slow down...
  • And send to any offer you like... in an instant.

Traffic generation can be a black hole that consumes your time, effort & money.
Or it can be a valuable asset that adds real value to your business. It's your choice...

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How Can You Promise Perpetual Traffic?

Instead of working to generate traffic... earning credits that you can only use once... you're going to set up your own independent traffic systems. Systems that will keep generating traffic, long after you stop working.

Even better, we connect your traffic systems in a way that they feed each other & further leverage your efforts, creating an increasing flow of high-quality visitors...

Step 1

Set Up your Traffic Portfolio. Register any accounts you don't already have and then submit your EzHitzs powerlinks to activate your viral loops & recyclers.

Step 2

Complete three easy Wizards. These will activate the main Viral Engine, set you up with a lifetime of free Solo Ads, and the last ensures that you never have to Traffic Surf, ever again!

Step 3

You can then explore the advanced Networking tools & features once your EzHitzs traffic machine is up and running. You'll find simple instructions to activate any that interest you whenever you're ready.

Step 4

Say Goodbye to your old traffic sites! The final step we recommend is to re-visit all your old traffic sites, one last time, to post some links back to EzHitzs!

After that, your workload will be logging into your Portfolio
websites to assign traffic credits and request payouts!

Let's Be Clear Though...

This isn't one of those 1-click miracle apps promising instant traffic & untold wealth... It's going to take real time and effort to set this up.

Experienced marketers should get it done in a weekend. Others might need to take their time and spread it out over a few sessions.

Regardless, we're here to help you wherever we can, but YOU will need to stick at it and do the work.

Just remember...

Even if it takes you a few nights a week for a month, it will still be so worth it!

Success online comes down to one thing: getting your offer in front of interested people...

Any fool can generate massive pageviews... That's why gimmicky traffic apps that show screenshots of huge traffic stats never impress me.

The real challenge is to find people who'll actually Pay Attention and Consider your offer. What we refer to as Quality Traffic.

Creating it is an artform. And it's never easy, instant or free.

But when you do the work, learn the skills & set up the systems, you're going to have a resource that most marketers can only dream about.

And if you work smart, you only have to do the work once!

So does that sound like a better plan?

But So Many People Promise Simple Traffic Systems...

How Is EzHitzs Different?

End the Mindless Busy-Work. You can stop the never-ending traffic surfing, email reading and ad clicking today! Use that time to add permanent value to your business instead.

One Time Set Up & You're Done. There's real time and effort required to set this up, but once you're done, EzHitzs can send you a lifetime of high-quality, hands-free traffic.

Hundreds Of Traffic Sources. EzHitzs draws traffic from hundreds of sources so it's more reliable than those gimmicky apps that rely on exploiting loopholes and spam techniques that eventually fail.

Easily Promote Any Offer. You're not tied to EzHitzs and you can update your target URLs instantly, so you can test new offers, drop those that don't convert and ramp up the winners.

Earn Passive Income On Steroids! Many of the tools we use will pay you, including several that almost everyone will upgrade using EzHitzs profits... so you're paid to build & grow your Traffic Machine.

Build Your Business Not Ours! If you don't get more out of a traffic site than you put in, then the only winner is the website owner. With EzHitzs it's all about YOUR Return on Investment!

Bottom Line: With EzHitzs You're In Total Control of Your Business & Your Traffic!

Registration for EzHitzs 2.0 is Now Open!

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Here's How Your Traffic Machine Works...

Your EzHitzs Traffic Machine uses a series of custom Power Pages and
Viral Loops to extract maximum value from every single visitor...

Automated Traffic Generation

We launch your system with a mix of one-time Free Traffic and fully-funded Premium Traffic that we send through our viral Power Pages...

Traffic Recycling Loops

Every visitor to any of these pages earns you even more credits, impressions, signups and commissions... constantly feeding your machine and growing your EzHitzs system.

Passive Revenue Streams

Your network includes multiple affiliate programs that reward you for sales & signups over multiple levels... all 100% hands-free.

Traffic Conversion Systems

We constantly refine your launch traffic to generate quality pageviews & traffic credits, and turn that into optin leads, EzHitzs signups.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our DFY campaigns create traffic, leads and sales for you on full auto, ensuring every EzHitz prospect you generate will add real value to your business for a year or more!

Viral Multiplication Strategies

Our built-in viral marketing pages will generate multiple traffic program signups from a single lead, turbo-charging the output of your entire system.

Please Read The Following Carefully Before You Proceed...

Please don't start anything you're not prepared to finish!

The original version of EzHitzs has been working extremely well for several years now, but we always knew it could be even better. So with the release of EzHitzs 2.0 in April 2023, we've added countless improvements and tweaks onto that framework.

You can consider it EzHitzs 1.0 on Steriods!

There is no doubt in my mind, that if you do the work to get this set this up, EzHitzs will deliver a lifetime supply of high-quality hands-free traffic.

Not to mention the list building. Not to mention the affiliate marketing. Not to mention the email marketing. All fully built-in to the system, ready to go...

Just as soon as you do the work to get set up.

And when you think of the time you already spend on traffic generation... reading safelist emails, surfing traffic exchanges, clicking ads... this should be a total no-brainer...

Stop the busy-work that only earns you single-use traffic credits, and use your time to create traffic systems instead?

It makes perfect sense and the benefits are clear, but as good as it sounds, most people just won't see it through.

Over and over, people will tell me how much they love the EzHitzs system, that they're serious and they want it sooo bad, but somehow they just never get around to doing the work. They get side-tracked, they get stuck, they put it off for later...

And we never hear from them again.

So if that sounds at all like you... please take a pass for now!

  • If you have a history of not finishing things?
  • If you're always looking for the next shiny object?
  • If you're impatient and easily frustrated?
  • If you're more likely to give up than ask for help?
  • If you're a chronic program-hopper or procrastinator?

If you have any doubts that you'll make the time and do the work, it will be better for you to take a pass for now.

I'd much rather you come back later when you can do it properly, than have you make a half-hearted attempt that's never going to work.

Now I understand that's not your typical Call To Action but it's for your benefit. You'll only ever start something like this once, so if you start too soon and quit, you'll miss out forever.

We're prepared to invest real time and effort to help you make this work, but you need to be just as committed to this as we are.

So if you're not 100% sure, wait until you know you have the time and determination to see it through.

We'll still be here whenever you're ready.

Fair enough?

On the other hand, if you're still here after all that, then you clearly see the potential and you're the kind of person who'll get the job done...

So click the button below and we'll get you started already!

Registration for EzHitzs 2.0 is Now Open!

Claim Your Perpetual Traffic Machine Today

What our Members are Saying About EzHitzs...

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you need, please reach out here and we'll be happy to help!

I'm Not Very Technical. Will I Be Able To Do It?

It really isn't technical at all. If you can fill out a web form, you can set up EzHitzs. There's a couple of parts that get a bit complex, but we break them down into small easy tasks that anyone can follow... IF YOU ARE PATIENT, METHODICAL AND FOLLOW OUR INSTRUCTIONS!

Beyond that, the hardest thing here will be staying focused until you finish the job! Stick with it though and I promise it will be worth your while.

Just How Long Will It Take?

So far we're seeing experienced marketers... who have some of the required accounts already set up... getting through it in a single session of several hours. Others find they do better with a few breaks and choose to spread it out over a couple of days.

Some who are new to all this are really taking their time... making sure they get everything right the first time, and learning a few new skills along the way... and spreading it out over a couple of weeks. That's fine too.

It makes it hard to put a one-size-fits-all timeframe on it though. So what I'd suggest is, if you can set aside a weekend to work on this, if you don't get it all done you should go pretty close!

BUT... Even if it takes you a week or even a month... Stick at it. Because what we're setting up is going to give you a LIFETIME of Free, Quality Traffic, Leads, Sales & Commissions.

You can't put a price on that and you shouldn't put a time-limit on it either.

Is This Mobile-Friendly? I Don't Have A Computer?

There is a fair bit of the set up where you'll need to have a couple of browser windows open at the same time, and there are quite a few forms you'll need to complete. That will be tough if you're only using a mobile phone and most that try do eventually give up.

So if at all possible, we recommend you don't start unless you have access to a Desktop or Laptop computer. Some people have managed OK using a tablet, but that will depend on your personal skills with the device and your patience levels!

Once you're set up, this pretty mcuh runs itself though, so if you can borrow a computer for a couple of weeks, that could work?

What's The Catch? What Else Are You Selling?

This is built around systems I already use for myself. By making it publicly available, we've actually ramped up the viral effect, making it even more effective. This means that everyone gets even more value, simply from having more Members using the EzHitzs system!

So there really isn't any catch. We originally thought we might need to put a small joining fee on it to cover our 'support' costs, but now we've had a few more people through, we've been able to tweak the instructions, and most people aren't needing a lot of support.

So for now it's totally free to join and use, and you won't get hit with any one-time offers when you join. There is an optional upgrade available, but we won't even show you that until you have your traffic machine fully set up and operational.

Until then, we'd much rather you invest your initial commissions into upgrading a couple of your portfolio programs. That will ramp up your results a whole lot faster.