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Please direct all support requests and feedback through our dedicated HelpDesk using the link below. This will open a support ticket on our support hub,

We're here and eager to hear from you, but unfortunately standard contact forms have become a target for spammers. The new ticket system will let us permanently block out the spammers and provide you with better service & support.

Please be sure to select EzHitzs when submitting your ticket.

Open the EzSitez Helpdesk!

This is a DIFFERENT standalone website that offers support for ALL our websites, so your EzHitzs Login Details WILL NOT work there.

Registration is not required.

There is an option to proceed as a Guest, though Members might find it worthwhile to complete a one-time registration so they can track any future support requests for all our sites from one account.

Current Members can always just hit reply to any of our emails or newsletters for feedback or quick questions, but we do recommend using the ticket system for any technical support issues.