Fast Profit Programs For 2024

Get Paid FAST & RECURRING For Easy Trip-Wire Sales!

We all love the commissions on Big Ticket Items, but the bigger the payout, the longer you'll have to wait between paydays. That's nice when it happens, but most of us also need some steady cashflow right NOW.

So with that in mind, here are my best-converting low-cost offers that can payout almost instantly!

Make sure you read all the way through to the bottom where we show you how you can promote all of these at once with a simple One-Page Traffic System... set and forget ongoing traffic, leads and commissions. How goods that!

#1. Easy Cash 4 Ads

This is a simple little site with a powerful income system built around an ad-share structure. It's one of the easiest programs to promote... and fastest to earn... that I have ever found. It costs $19 to activate, but you'll get that back almost immediately and the $10 payments will just keep on coming after that.

We'll show you shortly how you can promote all the programs on this page, virtually hands-free, so look it over very carefully. Click the Blue Button and watch the video presentation now, and commit to activating it as the first possible opportunity!

#2. Viral Lightning

This Viral Income Funnel is everything we love. It's super-easy to set up, and it comes with both free and paid options. Either way it's going to generate a whole lot of traffic, leads and sales for you, once we plug it into this One-Page Traffic System

Very briefly... the funnel is built around a low-cost Clickbank product. You can activate your own funnel instantly by purchasing that, or you can hold onto your cash and activate by referring 5 people to your sponsor instead.

Either way, once you're activated... and your referrals start activating their own accounts... you'll either get hands-free commissions when they purchase, or loads of free sign-ups when they pass their first 5 referrals up to you!

And all those referrals repeat the process... forever. So once again this is a powerful cashflow you can activate immediately for a very low-cost, and you can then use this one-page system to promote it hands-free, for ongoing passive income.

#3. Second Splash

Second Splash is a simple idea that generates exceptional results once you get it moving. Just as the name suggests, instead of sending traffic to a single splashpage, you send it to Second Splash where two page images are displayed... and a whole lot of viral magic happens!

This one is connected to EasyCash4Ads, so if you joined that earlier, you just need to enter your EC4A Username into SecondSplash to earn from the 'Bonus Income' option.

There's also an upgrade option that is highly recommended... once you get this system up and running, and once you start getting a few commissions comimng through, go back and revisit the upgrade page. That is a bit more expensive than the other programs on this page, but that means the commssions are quite a bit higher as well.

#4. EzClix Club

These last three are all paid traffic services, and they all pay a generous 50% commission on all your ongoing referrals subscriptions. So as soon as you make two referrals, your own traffic is fully funded.

You'll need to sign up as an affiliate through the WarriorPlus site. Customers are approved automatically, so that's the fast/easy option. If not, you can request approval and just wait until that comes through to finish setting this up. Make sure you mention 'EzHitzs Strategy Page' in your note to the Vendor to guarantee approval.

If you choose to join, just make sure you use your link or banner, or both, to drive traffic back to your copy of this page, to really get this pumping! (We'll show you how to get that shortly!)

#5. The Click Engine

This is a similar monthly traffic service. You won't get as many visitors here as you will from EzClix, but it's still super-cheap, good quality and it converts most offers quite well. Once again, it's paying a 50% commission. So just two referrals and your traffic is virtually free, while three referrals will mean you're making money on it.

There's a one-time upgrade when you join that lets you submit two links. That's probably worth it, or else you're limited to just the one. Either way, make sure you submit a tracking link, so you can change it yourself later on. Unlike EzClix, you have to submit your link to the owner and there's no self-admin option.

You can request an affiliate link from WarriorPlus without purchasing, but if you don't have much of a sales history on WarriorPlus you might find you need to purchase yourself before you'll get approved.

#6. Traffic Blaster Pro

Here's our last monthly traffic service. This is a little bit more expensive than the first two, but once again, if you get two referrals, it's fully funded, so if you're going to set up and promote this One-Page Traffic System then you may as well grab it, get it paid-for and have a lifetime supply of traffic you can use anywhere you want...

Again, you need to submit your links to the owner, so make sure you use a tracking link so you can change it yourself, whenever you want.

Again, your affiliate link is provided through WarriorPlus, so request that one as well, and then continue on with the set up while you wait for approval.

Grow This Easy Cashflow System On Full-Auto

I like a Set-and-Forget Approach when it comes to affiliate marketing, so I like to combine sets of compatible programs on a Strategy Page like this, and then just plug that page into my permanent Ongoing Traffic Systems.

In this case, if you use all three of the monthly traffic services to feed the system to begin with, then it can rapidly grow into a sizeable passive income stream. Once it's established and you've got your traffic services paid for, you can keep it ticking over with just one of those feeding this, while you point the other two to different offers.

STEP 1. Please Steal This Page!

This system works when you give your referrals an easy and effective way to duplicate your efforts. So please make a copy of this page... you can copy-and-paste everything into a new page on your Blog, or view source to grab the HTML for a standalone website. Then just change the referral links to use your IDs and you are ready to go!

If you want to tweak the text a bit, that's fine, but I really don't mind if you copy it word-for-word... as long as you get it published and start sending traffic!

STEP 2. Turn On The Traffic!

If you're doing business online you NEED to have Ongoing Traffic Systems in place, so you can deliver visitors wherever you want, whenever you want. If you're forever chasing credits you can only use once, then you need to break the cycle and start building Systems NOW. Clicking for credits is not building a business.

So in this case, we're using the three paid traffic sources to drive this system, especially in the early stages while you covert your initial invesmtent and get into profit. Once you reach that point, you have three fully-funded sources of premium traffic you can use ANYWHERE.

Just leave one pointing to your copy of this page and send the rest to any offer you like.

Just like you, the people that you send to your page will find a quick intro to 7 excellent programs, plus a simple strategy that they can easily implement in half and hour or so, so that they can quickly duplicate your results.

So can you see the power and the potential of this approach?

Many people will sign up for one or two of the programs and you'll earn a few commissions.

If they need traffic, there's a good chance they'll try one or more of the paid services as well... earning you ongoing commissions.

And the most pro-active people are going to take up your invitiation to Steal This Page, in which case they'll need to join ALL seven of the programs. That gives you a very nice payday there and then, plus some handy ongoing commissions ofter that.

If that sounds appealing to you, then stop whatever you're doing, and set this up now!

Take 15 minutes to register for each of the programs, and another 15 minutes to copy this page... and you'll be ready to go.

Then just add the link to your copy of this page to each of the paid traffic services and this thing will literally grow itself...

Delivering traffic, signups, leads and commissions... all set up and ready to go in the next half hour!

Results Follow Action!

This strategy works a treat when you do a little bit of one-time work to set it up.
It's all about Duplication so it only works if you show your own people how to use it too. So I'm giving you two easy options for that...

Please Steal This Page!

Just copy-and-paste the entire page into a new page on your website or blog. Make sure you change the links to use your own referral IDs. Tweak the text if you want. Or use it word-for-word.

I'm fine either way as long as you get this done ASAP!

Just remember to tell your visitors that they can do the same!

That's how you go from signing up a few affiliates here and there, to building a team and growing a powerful & profitable network.

That's the difference between a couple of bucks a month in random commissions and a substantial ever-increasing hands-free income.

Or Do You Prefer DFY

If you prefer plug-and-play then it all gets even easier.

This is just one of the many Pro Marketing Pages that comes with the EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine. Set them up once and watch EVERYTHING grow... your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.... without all the mindless traffic surfing, ad clicking or email reading.

I gave all that up when I joined EzHitzs and the fact you're here reading this is proof that these Automated Traffic Systems work... without all that busy-work.

So if you're sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you'd rather be working on growing your business... and you're not afraid of a little work... make sure you Check out EzHitzs:

EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine