EzHits Membership Agreement

This is the No-BS version of our website terms of use... basic common-sense rules that ensure we can operate effectively, no one ruins it for everyone, and we don't waste time on people who don't want to work within our system.

You can find the standard legal-speak Terms & Conditions here. I'm obliged to tell you to read and agree to those, even though my stats across dozens of sites tell me no one ever does.

So as a minimum, please read and agree to the following to avoid any issues later on...

1. You Agree TO ACCEPT The Following... Or Don't Join

(i) If your account is inactive and we cannot contact you, EzHitzs reserves the right to delete your account without notice. To be safe you should login in every 30 days and keep a valid email listed in your EzHitzs profile.

(ii) EzHitzs reserves the right to send occasional Program Update emails and Urgent Announcment emails to ALL Members. All other emails are optin, but we need to be able to contact you with this information as we see fit.

(iii) EzHitzs reserves the right to drop or exchange portfolio programs at any time. We research all programs as best we can before recommending them, but if circumstances change, we may drop and replace any program.

2. You Agree TO DO The Following... Or Don't Join

(i) There is real work required. You agree to register for each of the portfolio programs that you aren't already a member of, save each of your UserID on EzHitzs, and then complete our Configuration Wizard to connect the parts.

(ii) You then need to run the recommended traffic software and ideally, promote your own pages yourself to get things moving. You acknowledge that if you don't promote, it will take much longer to get results.

(iii) Follow Our Guidelines! This is especially important with our 3rd-party programs... we have a good relationship with all of them because we respect their rules and requirements.

3. You Agree NOT TO DO The Following Or Don't Join

(i) Don't spam anyone. It's ineffective marketing and it's just bad karma! If we get repeated complaints we will delete your account.

(ii) Don't make false promises or exaggerated claims. There's no need. This works a treat if you do the work. If you have to talk it up to get a sign up, that person is never going to do the work anyway!

(iii) Don't abuse or misuse any of our portfolio programs. Our guidelines are laid out to prevent possible issues... if you ignore them and put our system at risk, we reserve the right to cancel your account without warning.

4. A Few General Disclaimers...

(i) You use this website entirely at your own risk. I'm simply sharing various systems I use myself to achieve certain results... you are welcome to try them out youself, but you should expect that your results will be different.

(ii) I make no promises of results, financial or otherwise, from this program, or any program in our portfolio. You agree to do your own due diligence on all of them before signing up, and even more so before taking any paid upgrade or add on.

(iii) I make no guarantees regarding the availability of this website or any of the portfolio programs offered within it. Websites go down from time to time. Read a book. Walk the dog. Whatever... the problem site will be back when it's fixed, or else we'll swap it out. Either way, please be patient.

(iv) You agree not to abuse, threaten or sue me if things don't go as planned. I will always help when I can, but I have other responsibilities... and sometimes even a life away from the computer... it's a free service after all.

(v) If you need help you agree to send a courteous email with plenty of details to help me identify and address your issue. I do get value from your participation, but not enough that I need to cop any abuse... so I reserve the right to delete the account of anyone being a dick! ;-)

That's it in a nutshell.

None of this will ever be an issue for the vast majority of people coming through here... if you operate with common-sense and respond to any problems with basic courtesy we'll all get on fine.

If you're not so sure about that, again, please be sure to read the detailed Terms & Conditions here before you start!